Allergist in Encinitas, CA

If you experience asthma or breathing problems, nasal or sinus symptoms, itchy skin rashes, irritated eyes, or sensitivities to certain foods, we may be able to find the root cause of your body’s reactions. Our highly experienced allergist, Warren W. Pleskow M.D., offers the medical examinations, patient history, and diagnostic testing that may help isolate the allergies causing your symptoms and provide a possible quick treatment for the relief of your symptoms. We’re dedicated to your health and satisfaction with our services.

Although some types of allergies may cause frustration and discomfort, others may provoke an extreme response that can become life-threatening. By working on an individualized plan of care, we strive to provide you with the right treatment to help manage your allergy symptoms. Dr. Pleskow is an expert in the management of allergic disorders and can provide a wide range of medical treatments, including allergy desensitization injections (commonly known as “allergy shots”). We’re proud to have a warm, caring staff that provides the quality service that you and your family deserve.

Protect Your Health

Don’t suffer with allergies when we may be able to help you manage the symptoms and prevent further impact on your health. Call our established staff at Warren W. Pleskow M.D. today for our flexible hours and a convenient appointment that works with your busy schedule.