Allergy Testing in Encinitas, CA

Are you suffering from allergies? You may have allergies and not even realize it. Allergens can cause a number of different symptoms or reactions, from wheezing to sneezing to runny nose to nasal congestion to sinus problems to eczema or even hives. Many patients are also allergic to foods, medications, or even insect stings. We diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of allergic disorders. In addition to starting with a comprehensive history and examination, we offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures including allergy skin testing and lung function testing to help patients pinpoint the source of their discomfort.

When You Need Relief

Allergies are more than just a nuisance; in extreme cases, they can actually be life-threatening, and knowing what you're allergic to is an important first step toward managing your symptoms. At our office, we offer thorough allergy testing designed to get to the bottom of what's ailing you. Once we understand what’s triggering your symptoms, we can develop a treatment plan designed to help prevent allergic reactions and reduce your discomfort.

Whether it's a specific food or an environmental factor, identifying the source of your allergies is an important step toward feeling your best and staying your healthiest. For more information about our allergy testing services, or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Pleskow today.